Prospects of a Bird, 2021

Toyobo polymer etching of found images and blind embossing (a total of 3 printing runs),
70 x 112 cm, edition of 1
Printed on Somerset Satin White, 300 grams, 
Commissioned by Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch, the Netherlands

In preparation for this project, I had a personal conversation with a participant (an ex-detainees) of Stichting Exodus*. During the conversation there was a birdcage with 2 parakeets in the room. I then went looking for found images that fit this narrative. Very intuitively and with trust in the process I found 7 images to make a large 'toyobo' etching print.
During a period 7 weeks I have been learning  al lot this polymer etching technique.  With lots of trial & error.
Toyobo is a beautiful, subtle technique that gave me the opportunity to get deep into the pores of the images and play with ink and colours.

*Stichting Exodus is a forensic care organization that offers shelter and guidance to (former) detainees and their relatives nationwide with some 300 professionals and 1500 volunteers.