Men Serie

Whereas her former work mostly centred around the theme of mutual connection, her latest work is of a very different nature: darkness, fear, impotence and desperation all tangled up in a vicious cycle. The current turbulent times have made her work more critical, darker. Her art reflects our day and age: a world wherein people turn against each other. A world wherein groups of people operate selfishly, against the other,

Men Series consists of 5 works.

After Trump won the presidential election, Wong made the first part of the series, named Men-161108. With this series, she challenges the dominance and power of groups of white men with conservative ideas. Rigid layers of black and oppressive structures represent the threats of similar convictions. The works show the negative effects of closed group dynamics. Man is hiding behind the masses to cover up his impotence and desperation in this turbulent era.

Relief printing with inkt on 120 grams paper, Various sizes 

Men - 161108, 2016
70 x 35 cm

Men - Mass, 2016
75 x 37,5 cm

Men - R. 2017
135 x 32 cm

Men - R., detail
Men - Untitled, 2017
75 x 42,5 cm

Men - Sir F, 2016
18,5 x 14 cm