Choi Wong (Hong Kong, 1981) lives in Amsterdam and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands
In 2008 Graduated in Bachelor Graphic Design, at University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) in Utrecht, in the Netherlands


In my art, I study people and their mutual connections. These relationships are a recurring theme. My work is an ongoing study, and each single work is a link, a next step in my process. Each work teaches me something about my relationship towards others, about mutual connections and bonds.

Starting point for my research is found photography. The pictures allow me a glimpse of a world I long for but don't understand at the same time. By working with thread, the images are connected or separated, shaped and reshaped. Recently, I have experimented with collage techniques as well, expressing myself through folding, cutting and repetitions of the material. Loneliness, power, control, dependency and trust are recurring themes.